About Us

Bond Back and Vacate Cleaning Professionals.

Our cleaning company started around 10 years ago when a sole trader decided he wanted to make a difference in the cleaning industry since then we now have multiple teams all around Melbourne. Our teams are all professionally trained and qualified to clean houses as we provide all the equipment to our team and they have everything needed to make sure your end or lease cleaning is done at the high quality level. We maintain our customer satisfaction by providing great customer service and check up on our cleaners quality or service.

We are a professional team of cleaners who can provide superior cleaning services due to our large team and extensive experience in delivering Vacate cleaning to people all over Melbourne. We have professional equipment and services to allow you to move out of your premises quickly. Our receptionist can provide you a cost effective quote for your end of lease or rental cleaning service as we customise the services to suit your needs and size of your home. We are centrally located to access the CBD and surrounding areas of Melbourne.

If at any time you are not completely satisfied call our main office and we will return to clean your house again and no cost to you. Our reputation and reviews and feedback are all dependent on your satisfaction. So we go to great lengths to make sure that our mobile clients are as happy as Larry, or should we say Peter.

Office and Commercial Cleaning also Available in Melbourne

We primarily focus on vacate claiming however we often get asked to do office cleaning carpet cleaning business claims and commercial cleaning from time to time. Our team is able to do almost any cleaning this required if you have something that needs a quote contact our team and we’ll let you know where the best fits within our experience. We can provide a weekly, monthly or even a regular cleaning price for you so you can make sure that it’s discounted.

Our cleaning manager will oversee the quality of the work and allocate the best team member to suit your home or business needs.

We do full package solutions for a complete cleaning package. No need to offer another cleaner some part of your cleaning process as we do carpets, ovens, commercial, new builders cleans, window cleaning and pretty much any cleaning that you can think of. Call us today for more details on how we can help.

Contact Details:

Melbourne VIC
Phone 1300 997 289

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